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Most plants don’t realize the price they pay for an inefficient and poorly managed Fluid Use Process (FUP). By employing a methodical best practices approach, it’s possible to optimize and drive improvement around how a facility manages its Industrial Fluids. The path to optimization results by implementing the right step in the right order.

The Fluid Use Process

Reduce day-to-day process variability, use the right product and manage it the right way to improve your Overall Business Effectiveness. Eliminate the impact that fluid choice, fluid condition and unplanned events can have on your plants Overall Equipment Effectiveness. Are you paying attention to the unique health and safety risks that are associated with industrial fluid usage and disposal?  Unmanaged risk leaves your plant vulnerable. Balance legal compliance with resource management (ISO 14000), and cost control to minimize the burden associated with being the generator of fluid waste. Engineered to perform specific functions, fluid choice can have a dramatic and fundamental impact on the fluid use process and Total Process Cost. Zimmark’s product independence combined with our defined evaluation process, finds you the right fluid for your process. Open Book, pass through procurement services, reduces the cost of procurement.  Detailed usage reporting, supplier auditing and total process cost negotiations integrated with a single monthly invoice, drives costs down, while providing the information required to intelligently manage your expenses. Often overlooked, poor product storage and distribution can represent unmanaged risk, result in excessive labor, or create challenges when trying to keep fluid on the floor in an optimised state.  Integrating how the product is stored and delivered to your equipment, is an important part of the optimization puzzle. By eliminating day to day variability in fluid condition, it becomes possible to ensure that the fluid is never the root cause to a productivity, quality or availability (OEE) issue.  This is the heart of an optimised program and the key to cost savings. Close looping your process makes sense.  It saves money, minimizes waste and reduces the facility’s impact on the environment.  Done incorrectly however, and recycling can cost your much more than you save.  Sustainable recycling solutions are critical when optimizing costs. Balance legal compliance with resource management (ISO 14000), and cost control to minimize the burden associated with being the generator of fluid waste.

Because the FUP runs in parallel to the manufacturing process, when poorly managed it can have a significant and serious impact on the plant’s manufacturing efficiency, process availability and product quality while at the same time exposing the plant to unique Health, Safety and Environmental risks.

Zimmark’s 25 plus years’ experience managing industrial fluid condition, has allowed us to develop the tools and expertise necessary to cost effectively manage the day to day variability that threatens your plants profitability. Focused on reducing the net cost of industrial usage and disposal, our turn-key services follow a defined business process while taking into consideration the unique challenges that each facility faces.

Designed to deliver sustainable change and continuous improvement, Zimmark’s works to identify the areas that will deliver the most significant and positive impact to your facility.

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Don’t reinvent the wheel, use the executional intelligence we have learned from years of experience to quickly implement a proven best practices approach. Zimmark’s Services are all focused on reducing the net cost of industrial fluid usage and disposal. By integrating these services with the controls and strategies the facility already has in place, it’s possible to optimise the entire process, driving substantial and sustainable improvement.

Zimmark provides complete Turn-Key services and co-invests in our customers facility’s in solutions that will deliver measurable savings. We ask for no contract and look for clients that are committed to getting their plants to world class standards and drive cost reduction.

Gap Analysis:

How big is the gap between your current fluid management program and the benefits of optimized fluid usage and disposal? Our Gap Analysis Audit is free for companies that qualify and lets us quickly determine where we can drive measurable improvement. Once we have had a chance to collect our data and interpret the analysis of your existing fluids, we present a step-by-step plan to senior management with costs/benefits identified.