sustainable solutions to minimize waste, waste water reduction strategies, waste reduction through better resource management

Waste Cost /

Ever wonder why your facility is generating so much waste? Are your waste costs higher than they need to be? Is waste and waste handling exposing the facility to significant environmental risk and/or liability?

Drive costs down, manage liability.

Through effective resource management and following a set of strict best practices, OBEf can significantly reduce the total cost as well as the inherent risk that goes along with industrially generated waste.

Volume reduction through better resource management.

By extending the amount of time that your fluids can perform their designed function, consumption and the volume of associated waste is significantly reduced. Corrective actions based on analysis ensures that liability is managed and costs controlled.

Reducing the Total Cost.

There are many strategies available to reduce both the cost per gallon as well as the number of gallons of waste being generated as a function of production . Specialised expertise and years of experience in the waste industry is essential to know which strategy or combination of strategies will work to deliver the lowest total cost. An integrated approach that combines the waste generation process with the waste handling process offers the opportunity to significantly reduce the plants total waste burden. Risk management, reporting to the appropriate authorities as well as managing the analytical process are all on-going costs that need to be integrated with the overall process.

Zimmark’s Gap Analysis Audit

We look at all 5 elements of OBEf to identify and quantify where the opportunities are for cost and risk reduction. For companies that qualify, this audit is done at no cost to the facility. Results are presented to your management team clearly identifying opportunities for cost reduction and on-going risk management.