Overall Business Effectiveness as impacted by fluid choice and performance. Poorly chosen, managed and maintained fluid condition can have a serious impact on a plants Overall profitability and sustainability.

OBEf /

Ever wonder what poor fluid condition in your operating equipment is really costing you? OBEf or (Overall Business Effectiveness as impacted by Fluid choice and condition) looks at how managed and maintained fluid condition can truly impact your bottom line.

What is OBEf?

More than just the direct dollars you are spending on Fluids and fluid waste, world class companies understand that by optimizing the Total Cost, there is significant opportunity to improve the bottom line. Managing your Overall Business Effectiveness is the only way to stay competitive and relevant in today’s market.

For industry that uses industrial fluids to manufacture its product, OBEf is a method used to quantify the total cost of fluid usage and disposal. By incorporating risk management, with production impact (productivity, availability and quality (OEE)) as well as the direct fluid, waste and management expense, OBEf is used to track sustainable cost reduction. By optimizing these elements together through focus and implementation of a best practices approach, it’s possible to drive the total cost down significantly in a very sustainable manner.

It’s More than $/G

Too many companies treat industrial fluids as a necessary evil required for their manufacturing process and as a result do not have the specialised expertize nor exercise the sustained focus necessary to minimize risk while optimizing costs. Most companies focus only on the $/G, having the controls and systems in place to manage and monitor the landed cost. When the cost per gallon changes, alarms bells go off, and the suppliers responsible are asked to explain the change.

Few companies have the controls in place to ring the bell when consumption slowly drifts up and out of control, or when fluid condition starts to creep into a zone where it could significantly impact production or present a Health and Safety risk. To truly impact a company’s Overall Business Effectiveness, its essential to look at all the areas where fluid usage and disposal can have a detrimental or costly impacted if not optimized. The controls, checks and balances and management needs to be in place to truly optimise the Total Cost.

By applying a best practices approach to the entire fluid use process (from selection through usage and ultimately disposal) the opportunity to reduce costs can be significant.

Zimmark’s Gap Analysis Audit

We look at all 5 elements of OBEf to identify and quantify where the opportunities are for cost and risk reduction. For companies that qualify, this audit is done at no cost to the facility. Results are presented to your management team clearly identifying opportunities for cost reduction and on-going risk management.