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Struggling to stay competitive or looking for world class solutions to stay ahead of the competition? If you use industrial fluids to manufacture your products, chances are you are leaving money on the table, and/or exposing yourself to unmanaged risk.

Shine a Light on Your Fluid Costs

Understand the Gap, the Gap that exists between your current costs and an optimized fluid use process. It’s the hidden costs that threaten competitiveness and long term sustainability. Let us shine the light on your fluid costs, waste costs and all the related costs that negatively impact your Overall Business Effectiveness (OBEf).

Industries that use Industrial Fluids to manufacture their products, have a unique set of concerns and management challenges. Fluid condition management requires a different level of expertize, often no longer supported in house as companies look to focus their operation and plant personnel.


Never in our history has the automotive industry in North America been under this kind of external pressure to reduce costs and improve productivity. Automotive parts manufacturers are being forced to do more with less, with renewed focus on exploiting strengths in order to get and stay competitive. We let our clients stay focused on their core expertize, bringing our specialised knowledge and defined business process to bear to help reduce costs and drive improvement.


An industry that lives and breathes testing, compliance, and long term thinking, our principles and methodologies line up well with the Aerospace industry. Measure, analyse, interpret, corrective action and repeat, is a process management methodology we bring to any service we provide. Full documentation and traceability provide the information needed to make incremental improvements over time while providing the data required to investigate any issue that might arise.


Leachate Stinks! It’s our job to put the controls and equipment in place to manage that stink. With all the variables that impact the odours produced in a composting process, we implement the robust management plans required to minimize those odors while appropriately managing cost. Working closely with the legal authorities to ensure long term compliance, we help our clients stay in control and out of the newspaper.


An important aspect of any remanufacturing process is the ability to get the parts clean. Often high pH fluids are required to remove the dirt, oil and grease associated with a part that has been in service for many years. High Chemical Costs, significant Hazardous Waste costs as well as production bottlenecks due to the number of re-washes required represents a significant on-going expense to this industry. We can help.


Zimmark was born in the Diesel Shop. We recycled our first gallon of Diesel Engine oil at a class 1 railway in 1984 and have saved this industry millions of dollars. Even though additive technologies have changed and engines leak less than ever before, the price of oil continues to go up. We still have that client today and continue to make adjustments to our recycling process to address the changing needs of this industry.

Steel Industry

Extremely hard on equipment, this industry uses industrial fluids to protect their valuable manufacturing assets. Through condition based analysis programs combined with sump-side fluid maintenance solutions to extend fluid life and on-site recycling where appropriate, the steel industry stands to save significant dollars by employing an OBEf approach to their industrial fluid and waste costs.